Not in the mood for a chocolate bunny?

Luxembourg/Berlin, 05 March 2015. Easter without the Easter Bunny – it's simply inconceivable. The chocolate Easter Bunny made his first official appearance when the physician Georg Franck of Franckenau noted that it was not necessarily a healthy idea to eat too many of the eggs delivered by the Easter Bunny. Today it is considered to be an absolute classic, and no Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny to accompany all the colourful Easter eggs.

While chocolate Easter Bunnies are extremely popular, they are not the only rabbits that can bring good cheer to an Easter basket. Now those who find chocolate bunnies a bit too conventional can use 28 DRINKS dry sodas to craft their very own Easter Bunny. A bit of coloured paper, scissors, a felt-tip pen and a 28 DRINKS can is all that is required – and, after few simple steps, the result is a delightfully trendy Easter Bunny. The brilliant colours of 28 DRINKS not only create a colourful Easter, but depending on the choice of beverage they can also result in a “favourite bunny”. Be it Pink Grapefruit Mint, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water or Bitter Lemon, 28 DRINKS dry sodas offer the right beverage to suit every taste for 'bunny building'. It is a creative little gift that will delight Easter lovers of all ages.

Craft instructions for download and refreshing 28 DRINKS – now also available in nine-can tester cubes containing all four varieties – are available online at


Über 28 DRINKS

Die 28 DRINKS Bitter-Edition umfasst die Geschmacksrichtungen Pink Grapefruit Mint, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water und Bitter Lemon. Alle Sorten sind in der 0,25 Liter Slimline-Dose erhältlich, vegan, gluten- und laktosefrei. 28 DRINKS wird in Deutschland über die CALIDRIS 28 Deutschland GmbH vertrieben, die ein umfangreiches Portfolio an innovativen Erfrischungsgetränken im Premium-Segment anbietet.



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